VIDEO: Laylizzy ft. Kwesta - Too Much

Laylizzy ft. Kwesta - Too Much

Laylizzy ft. Kwesta - Too Much

The highly anticipated music video for the smash hit, "Too Much" by Laylizzy featuring South Africa's gem, Kwesta is now officially out.

Mozambique’s rap smith, Laylizzy always brings something fresh to the streets, this time it is “Too Much.” The music video was recently launched by Laylizzy and Kwesta performing the track together, followed by a TV premiere of the video on several music channels.

Produced by Geobek Films and directed by George Beke, the production brought the track to life with great visual aesthetics, cutting edge editing and dope shots capturing the high energy performance of both artists and how they shine with their homies, the beauties, the hot whips, the money stacks and street fashion. The video depicts the transition of how Laylizzy and Kwesta celebrate the success of their hard work in the streets and in the luxury life.

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