Burna Boy ignites the dancefloor in music video for 'Tested, Approved & Trusted'


Following the release of the remix pack that breathed new life into his popular song, Tested, Approved & Trusted, Burna Boy has dropped the official music video, and it's a visual party starter to rival the track itself. The video is a vibrant celebration, a perfect reflection of the song's energy.

Burna Boy is the undeniable center of attention, holding court amidst a bevy of beautiful women. It's a celebration of life, of the good times shared with friends. The camera pans across scenes of pure enjoyment: Burna Boy and his peope erupt in joyous movement on the dance floor, a sea of bodies pulsating to the rhythm. There are shots of laughter shared, drinks raised in a toast, a sense of uninhibited revelry permeating every frame.

Burna Boy himself embodies this spirit of celebration. He ignites the dance floor, his energy boundless. There are glimpses of him drinking wine, showering himself and his companions with happiness. The women surrounding him move with equal grace and joy, adding layers of beauty to the scene.

The new music video is an invitation to lose yourself in the music, to let loose and celebrate life's simple pleasures. It's a reminder that the best times are often shared with friends, fueled by good music and good company. With the release of this video, Burna Boy has delivered a complete experience, a sonic and visual feast that will have you yearning to join the party.

Listen to Tested, Approved & Trusted here.