VIDEO: Michael Stuckey - African Way


VIDEO: Michael Stuckey - African Way

Michael Stuckey - African Way -  Video

Michael Stuckey - Art cover

American Contemporary Worship Artist, Michael Stuckey has released another captivating praise single, "African Way", bound to get you praising and leaping for joy from the first kick.

Michael Stuckey is known for his classic sound with some “old school swag” as the prophetic wave flows through his voice and energy.

"African Way" was recorded before a live audience in Ghana, West Africa and speaking about the new single, Michael Stuckey shares: "I’ve been to Africa over 10 times from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and realized that the Songs in each country are completely different but the Worship comes from a deep place.
I wanted to remember the best feeling I’ve ever experienced and that’s a song that would be for every place in Africa. Because can’t nobody praise God like the African"



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Gospel’s newest contemporary Worship Artist, Michael Stuckey emerged in the middle of 2010 with a fresh spin on the traditional gospel to light up the old-fashioned church music with modern elements.
A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Stuckey first came to prominence as a lead vocalist for Ricky Dillard & New “G.” (The founder OF Canada’s first annual gospel awards show, the Glass Awards)

Michael Stuckey has served under the ministries of Dr. Robert Lairdon author of God’s Generals and Bishop Clarence McClendon. He is currently serving under Reverend Teresa Wairimu of Kenya.

In 2017, he set out on his own as a solo artist with the ultimate assignment centered on empowering believers, winning souls for Christ through the power of worship and bring the glory of God back to the office of the Worshipper.

His music has blessed the body of Christ globally with tracks such as "Agnus Dei African Way", "Iwo Loba" and "I Am Blessed Featuring MOG from Ghana.

"African Way" - Recorded Live in Ghana
Written by: Michael Stuckey
Producer: Kpabitey Kofi “Ghana”, Kariji Jones “USA”

Twitter: @realmikestuckey
Instagram: @realmikestuckey
Facebook: Michael Stuckey



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