Ugoccie amplifies the 'Voice Of The East' in 5-track EP


Nigerian songstress, Ugoccie has finally unveiled her sophomore EP, aptly titled, Voice of the East (VOTE). The new project comes after her debut EP, Piece Of Me, which provided a fascinating look into the thrilling and wide-ranging future of her career and exceptional talent.

Emerging as a force in the Nigerian music industry, the culturally appealing sounds scored a great point from the choice of the title, Voice Of The East, as a deliberate nod to Ugoccie's self-ascribed identity to unleash the power of the South East through the EP.

Voice Of The East, just like her debut, demonstrates her artistic prowess and once again exhibits her distinctive identity that projects and extols praises of the richness of African culture, particularly the Igbo culture from the South Eastern part of Nigeria.

Voice Of The East is an impressive collection of five tracks, each crafted carefully. Ugoccie continues to impress her fans with her unique sound and compelling lyrics. The EP features noteworthy guest appearances from Onitsha-born siblings, Umu Obiligbo, adding an extra layer of brilliance to the project with the kind of production provided by Endeetones (Beatlord).

The Voice Of The East is an intentional storytelling extended play that brings a newer perspective to the kind of music Ugoccie makes. According to Ugoccie herself, the EP is inspired by life events and stories that have happened in real-time.

Listen to Voice Of The East EP here.