LISTEN: MBAA Shares Its Moments of Love, Hope & Friendship With New Acts From Africa


Moments takes listeners through an emotional Journey of high and mid-tempo songs with intentional storytelling. It captures major life scenarios including highs of the nightlife and night to night encounters. It will have you dancing like you’re having a night out for drinks or reflecting on a love lost… in a happy way!

MBAA Moments EP

MBAA Moments EP

This is the second music project released by the cohort of the 2021 Music Business Academy for Africa Talent Project. The cohort, for its second project, has released Moments EP that shows the rich vocal growth and versatility of the talents since they joined the program and reflects the journey of the students who wore their hearts on a sleeve, stood in the fire and learnt to cook, to students who’ve grown in experience and share their Moments with the world. The first project was called ‘Heart On A Sleeve’ and embodied how the cohort wore their hearts to show up in running MBAA ‘21 in a simulated record label structure, the project garnered more than 10,000 streams across all platforms. 

For a talent project that had more than 300 submissions where the entire cohort voted and chose its best 5 from 15 talents who were selected by the AnR team of iManage Africa. These talents have grown and it’s shown in the expressivity of their truth; more confidently and expressly than when the cohort first listened. 

More than just telling their own story as talents picked for the Talent Project, they’ve helped the members of the cohort tell their stories, especially running the program with all the luggage life daily gives each to carry. 

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These are our MOMENTS! 


A song about perspective where listeners transport with the speed of sound, using the tides of the song as a floatation device. 


A lucid imagination of a reunion with genuine love from a loving Strummer’s perspective. 


A song of Hope sung in the passionate voice of a striving artist from Jos, an anthem for those who seek to shine in their rain steady. 


Love leaves us vulnerable, sensuous and desirous! Eiko sultrily calls her lover to come to fill the cravings of her uninhabited places Tonight. 


The crescendo of the MOMENTSEP is found in scattering where Brum3h takes us on his euphoric journey where love commands his altitude from the control tower. He uses subtle slang to remind his lover he’s head over heels; engulfed in a series of emotions and wanting reciprocated assurance at the same time. 

Our most cherished moments are those that remind us of Love, Hope, Friendship, Desire and Vulnerability. These are moments too beautiful to be captured as we are living the experience at the time. 

To convey our Moments in the best sound quality, the MBAA ‘21 had it mixed and certified rich and crisp by multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated producer, Brandon “Blue” Hamilton, to give the listener a beautiful experience as he journeys through mid and high tempo songs intentionally created to help you find your moment in our moments (while dancing or reflecting on love… in a happy way!”) as you listen. 

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