Jeriq and PsychoYP combine forces for 'Evil Twin' EP


After series of anticipation, Nigerian rappers, Jeriq and PsychoYP have released their much-awaited joint EP aptly titled, Evil Twin. Executively produced by the legendary Phyno, the five-track project is a sonic piece that'll leave a print on the Nigerian hip-hop scene.

Evil Twin isn't just a title, it's a statement. The EP sees a fusion of Jeriq's vibrant South East flow and PsychoYP's gritty Abuja trap swagger. It's like witnessing two rap titans from different galaxies colliding, their contrasting styles intertwining to create a sonic supernova.

Jeriq, known for his infectious energy and streetwise storytelling, brings his A-game to the table. Tracks like the opening salvo, Disintegrate, crackle with his signature bounce, while introspective cuts like First Milli takes us to where he started getting paid. On the other hand, PsychoYP, extremely gifted rapper, weaves lyrical webs that capture the heart of many listeners. His razor-sharp verses on tracks like Disintegrate and No Stylist paint vivid pictures with every word.

However, Evil Twin isn't just a showcase for individual brilliance. It testifies to the magic that happens when these two forces collide, especially in the hip-hop scene. Tracks like Breaking News, featuring the Godfather of East, Phyno himself, are prime examples of this synergy. The chemistry between the three rappers is palpable, each verse adding a new layer of depth and texture to the track.

Evil Twin is a highly impressive EP; it's also an experience. It's a sonic journey that takes you through the bustling streets of Lagos, the introspective alleyways of Abuja, the vibrancy of South East and everywhere in between. It's a celebration of raw talent, lyrical prowess, and the undeniable power of collaboration.

Whether you're a die-hard fan of Jeriq and PsychoYP or simply a lover of good hip-hop, Evil Twin is definitely a must-listen. It's a project that will have you nodding your head and rewinding for bars. It's a true testament to the power of collaboration.

Now, dive into the sonic vortex of Evil Twin and let Jeriq and PsychoYP take you on a journey you won't forget. You might just discover your new favorite EP, and maybe even your own inner evil twin along the way.

Listen to Evil Twin EP here.