April Maey delivers the much-awaited 'Moonchild' EP


Highly talented R&B artist April Maey is out to play again as she delivers her much-awaited EP, aptly titled Moonchild. Besides her captivating voice and impressive songwriting, the new extended play is a powerful beacon for inclusivity and social awareness.

Leading the charge for Moonchild is the electrifying single, Kalm. The tune pulsates with an uplifting energy, celebrating the power of diversity within the music and creative industries. However, Kalm transcends the celebration, it's a call to action. Through a meticulously crafted social media campaign, #MoonChildAprilMaey #KalmAprilMaey, April seeks to foster a community built on support and understanding. Fans are encouraged to share their personal stories, highlighting the unique ways they contribute positively to the world around them.

This initiative reflects April Maey's commitment to using her platform for social good. Kalm resonates with heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies, serving as a powerful reminder that everyone's experiences, struggles, and triumphs deserve recognition. The song emphasizes the importance of empathy and support, demonstrating that even the smallest gestures of care can have a profound impact.

With Moonchild EP," April Maey isn't just delivering exceptional music, she's cultivating a space for connection, acceptance, and empowerment. The project is definitely more than an artistic expression, it is a movement, uniting music lovers under the banner of inclusivity and positive change.

Listen to Moon Child EP here.