Asake Heralds Sophomore Album With New Single 'Amapiano' Featuring Olamide


YBNL poster boy, Asake sets the stage for his highly anticipated sophomore album with the release of his captivating new single, "Amapiano." The impressive piece features his label boss, Olamide, adding an extra layer of excellence to the song. With this single, Asake gives listeners a taste of what to expect from his forthcoming album which is titled "Work of Art" as unveiled earlier today.

"Amapiano" embraces the Nigerian blend of the popular South African genre of the same name, infusing it with Asake's signature style. The song immerses listeners in an infectious blend of energetic beats, vibrant melodies, and catchy hooks, creating an irresistible musical experience. Asake's seamless chemistry with Olamide further elevates the track, delivering a dynamic collaboration that is sure to trigger pure eargasm.

"Amapiano," produced by his trusted collaborator, Magicsticks, the infectious track marks Asake's third official release of the year, following the release of his previous single, "2:30."Asake's partnership with Magicsticks has proven to be a winning formula, with the duo consistently delivering exceptional productions. The seamless synergy between artist and producer shines through in the new single as Magicsticks masterfully crafts a captivating backdrop for Asake's dynamic vocals and infectious melodies.

Prepare to be enthralled by Asake's infectious sound, as he combines elements of Amapiano with his own unique flair. With the support of Olamide and the distinctive vision he brings to his music, Asake's sophomore album would definitely be an exceptional musical experience. Stay tuned for the release of his album and immerse yourself in the world of Asake's extraordinary artistry.

Listen to Amapiano here.