Simi returns with new song “No Longer Beneficial“- LISTEN

Fresh from signing a new distribution deal, the Duduke hitmaker Simi releases a brand new single titled "No Longer Beneficial."

Simi Returns With New Single "No Longer Beneficial" - LISTEN

Simi Returns With New Single "No Longer Beneficial" - LISTEN

It's been an eventful year for the super vocalist. From delivering hits like "Duduke" and the LadiPoe-assisted "Know You", to delivering a baby girl in the US, it's been back to back wins; bar the little LGBTQ+ controversy. In all, one could argue Simi has had the best year among Nigeria's female acts.

While we await the release of the Restless II EP, here's a song to keep the streak going.

To the song itself, Simi tells a story about two "friends with benefits". In this story, one partner eventually wants more than just being "FWB". However, the other party is clearly not ready for that jump. This is why you don't catch feelings when you find yourself in this sort of entanglement. It will end in tears, fam.

"You say you wan be my lover, you say you want me forever. But I ain't down for that. No I ain't got plans for that."


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