Young Duu delivers cryptic message following encounter with Asake and Burna Boy


Emerging artist, Oluwabamishe Lukman Abioro, professionally known as Young Duu, has seemingly addressed his former record label boss, Habeeb Olalomi Oyegbile, popularly known as Portable, following a fortuitous encounter with Asake and Burna Boy at a club.

As we have previously, Young Duu had the privilege of meeting Asake and Burna Boy at a club, with Burna Boy graciously gifting him N1.5 million and sharing a warm embrace. In a video that circulated yesterday, December 20, Young Duu thought to extend greetings to Portable without explicitly mentioning his name, referring to him as "boy" and alluding to the distinctive use of various colors on his hair.

In a subtle jab at another individual, the young artist hinted at a situation where someone, presumably Portable, does not accompany him to performances but expects a share of the earnings. This veiled commentary suggests underlying tensions or grievances between Young Duu and his former record label boss.

This incident isn't the first time Young Duu has hinted at discord with Portable. In a previous instance, he released a video imitating Portable, hinting at a more complex dynamic between the two.

The unfolding narrative points towards a nuanced relationship within the music industry, with Young Duu's actions implying a desire to assert his independence and potentially address unresolved issues with his former record label boss.

As fans and industry observers await further developments, Young Duu's cryptic messages add a layer of intrigue to the evolving story within the Nigerian music scene.

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