WurlD narrates why he gave 'Blow My Mind' to Davido and Chris Brown


Nigerian singer and songwriter, Sadiq Onifade, popularly known as WurlD, opened up about the unexpected circumstances that led him to give his song, 'Blow My Mind,' to Davido, featuring American R&B star Chris Brown in 2019.

In an exclusive interview with 3Music TV in Accra, Ghana, WurlD clarified that he wrote the song intending to use it for himself. However, due to a lack of immediate plans for the track, he made the spontaneous decision to share it with Davido and Chris Brown.

"It [giving 'Blow My Mind' to Davido] wasn't planned. I was in Lagos promoting my project, 'Love Is Contagious,' and I got a call from my guy, producer Shizzi… It was even one of those things I didn't plan for because I was gonna use the song myself. I wanted to get some features on the record, but I was promoting a new project, and I didn't have time," explained WurlD.

At the time, the talented artist confessed that he did not have a specific use for 'Blow My Mind.' However, he expressed delight in the collaboration, describing it as a beautiful opportunity to share his art with other artists and witness the success of the song.

The unexpected synergy between Davido and Chris Brown brought the track to life, turning it into a sensational hit. WurlD reflected on the positive outcome, emphasising the joy of seeing how well the song resonated with audiences worldwide.

This unplanned collaboration serves as a testament to the unpredictable nature of the music industry and the artistic camaraderie that often leads to the creation of remarkable musical pieces. Fans of WurlD, Davido, and Chris Brown continue to appreciate the magic that unfolded when these talented artists joined forces for 'Blow My Mind.'