Why my father insisted I finish School- Davido


Superstar, Davido, in an interview with American singer and TV personality Kelly Clarkson opened up about his family background, his latest album and prioritizing education.

Davido recently appeared on the ‘Kelly Clarkson Show' with TV personality Kelly Clarkson on October 28th 2023. During his seat down with the former American Idol winner, the artiste revealed that he was the first entertainer in his family. As Davido has recounted numerous times about his educational status, the artiste once again delved deeper into why his family is big on education.

When asked why his dad was upset about the artiste leaving school behind to pursue a music career he responded I come from a big family that is big on education. I’m a first-generation entertainer in my whole life of bloodline. He was adamant about me finishing school. One, because I hadn't made it yet. Two, because you know what I’m saying? He didn’t mind me doing music, but he was bent on me, you know, finishing school".

The International superstar revealed the deal he and his father had made to accelerate his finishing school on time and pursue his music career. So you know, we made a deal where I go to school for two weeks out of the month, and the other two weeks, I can be in the studio and do what I want". As the megastar began to grow and become famous he became a distraction to his classroom. He recounted It got to a point where I was distracting the class when my music got bigger. After a while, I got to do part-time class-type stuff"

The King of Afrobeats is set to perform at the A.W.A.Y festival in Atlanta on November 18th. To close the year he will also be having three concerts in Nigeria (Port Harcourt, Abuja and Lagos).