VIDEO: Wizkid Talks About Made In Lagos


Made in Lagos Wizkid

Afrobeats artiste, Wizkid, has revealed his upcoming album, Made in Lagos, will make us feverish even though he said there's no word as FEVER there.

This was revealed in an exclusive interview with REDTV where the singer talked about himself, what people don't know about him and his upcoming album.

Speaking about his best memories of growing up, Wizkid revealed it has to be his time before fame in Shitta;

 Best memories of growing up in Surulere is just walking around that place mhen, like Akerele, Shitta, Small London, just walking around. We just used to wake up in the morning and just move not even knowing what we want to do. Just walking around, hanging out with my friends, eating food..."

On him pushing the narrative of Africa to the world, Wizkid said;

"I have been pushing this narrative 'Africa to the world' and it's very important for people to understand that when I'm saying 'Africa to the world,' I'm not just saying 'Nigeria to the world.' 

"Africa is not just Nigeria, we have South Africa, Kenya and the whole of Africa. There is enormous talent everywhere you go to in this part of Africa. So, it was very important for me when I started my label to make sure that I had artists from other sides of Africa. It's better to stick together. Africa is one, man."

On Made in Lagos, he said;

"It's like on this album, I tried as much as possible to put a little bit of myself into it. Even with the way I name the songs... 'Fever,' I didn't even mention 'Fever' on the song, but I knew that the feeling that song was gonna give you is fever, like... 

"For every song on the album, there's a deeper meaning. The videos there's a deeper meaning to them, the album cover... even my live shows..."