“Truth cannot be hate speech” - 2Baba on social media regulation


Nigerian veteran artist and club owner, Innocent ‘2Baba’ Idibia rants over the Nigerian government's selfish agenda to regulate social media.


2Baba made a video of himself expressing his disappointments in the leadership of the country and it's misplaced regulatory priorities. These he expressed via his Instagram page on the 30th of October 2020. He said in vernacular:

Every well-meaning person wan make dem regulate everything. We want make you regulate healthcare, education, everything, we want law and order. Nobody is running away from regulation but when e turn to say you just wan talk am when fowl yansh open, you wan come cover fowl yansh, wan dey talk about regulation. This is shameful.

He further questioned the government’s controversial patterns and their absurd conclusions to labeling the truth as hate speech, 2Baba expressed how the government is often guilty of inciting ethnic conflict for their benefits. In his words:

How for a man to stand and talk wetin e believe turn to problem? I no condole to insult anybody, put fake news, I no condole to incite stuffs but na political people dey incite stuffs, na political people dey talk say ehn Yoruba people don go kill Hausa people oh. Na political people dey talk all that stuffs. Now na una still dey say now regulate something. It's shameful. Regulate healthcare make we get proper healthcare laws and package, make we get proper education laws and package, our whole curriculum for Africa suppose change. We suppose change all those slave and colonial things.

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