Timi Dakolo reveals heartbreaking tale of friend's bridesmaid marrying ex-husband


Nigerian singer, Timi Dakolo, recently took to social media (X) to share a poignant story highlighting the unfortunate experience of one of his close female friends.

The singer used his platform on Tuesday, December 26 to shed light on the heart-wrenching situation in which the bridesmaid of his friend made a rather unexpected life decision.

In a post on the social media platform (X), Dakolo narrated the distressing turn of events. According to him, the bridesmaid, who was entrusted with a significant role in the wedding, shockingly chose to marry the bride's ex-husband.

"My friend just told me that her bridesmaids is marrying her Ex husband and the babe just added her to a group to be on her bridal train," He wrote.

The singer revealed that the unsettling episode did not end there; rather, the bridesmaid went on to extend an invitation to Dakolo's friend, urging her to join the bridal train group on WhatsApp as she embarked on planning her own wedding.

This revelation adds another layer to the recurring theme of betrayal that Dakolo has addressed in his social media posts. Earlier, the artist had expressed his dismay at friends betraying trust, exemplified by an incident where an acquaintance had blocked him to avoid being contacted for event invitations.

Timi Dakolo, known not only for his musical prowess but also for his candid social commentary, has consistently used his platform to draw attention to instances of interpersonal betrayal. This latest disclosure about the bridesmaid's unexpected decision serves as a stark reminder of the complexities that can arise within personal relationships, even during celebratory occasions.

As Dakolo continues to navigate the nuances of friendships and human interactions, his openness on social media provides a glimpse into the challenges faced by individuals when trust is breached, resonating with a broader audience that may have encountered similar situations.