Timi Dakolo teases Moses Bliss about unveiling his "christmas partner"


In a lighthearted exchange on social media, Nigerian gospel singers, Moses Bliss and Timi Dakolo stirred a festive buzz with their Christmas interaction, leaving fans amused and intrigued.

Moses Bliss initiated the festive banter by sharing a photo on his Instagram page today, depicting him in festive attire beside a Christmas tree, holding a gift box.

The accompanying caption extended warm Christmas wishes, expressing hopes for joy, peace, love, glory, and the grace of Jesus for his followers.

He wrote, "Merry Christmas to you. May you experience joy, peace, love, glory and the grace of Jesus like never before in the season in Jesus name. Amen."

However, renowned singer, Timi Dakolo seized the opportunity to playfully comment on Moses Bliss's relationship status.

In the comment section, Timi suggested that Moses, who is currently unmarried, should have a wife by now. He humorously remarked that the Christmas photo would look even more beautiful with Moses Bliss's partner seated next to him.

He wrote, "it will look more beautiful with her seated next to you."

In response to Timi's playful remark, Moses Bliss candidly replied, "I promise, I tried my best," shedding light on his ongoing efforts to find the right life partner.

The light-hearted exchange between the gospel artists sparked curiosity among fans, with many eagerly anticipating the day when Moses Bliss will introduce his significant other and possibly announce wedding plans.

The good-natured banter added a touch of merriment to the holiday season and showcased the unity shared among Nigeria's gospel music community.