TikTok rolls out latest feature in collaboration with music streaming apps


TikTok has collaborated with music streaming giants on a new feature that allows users to save songs from TikTok directly to streaming services.

The video content app has made its mark when it comes to making songs viral. This has increased its influence on music's top charts. TikTok is partnering with streaming music platforms including Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music to introduce a new feature. This feature will enable users to effortlessly save the songs they come across in TikTok videos directly to their preferred streaming music application.

TikTok’s latest 'Add to Music app' feature will begin to appear as a button that says 'Add Song' next to a track name at the bottom of a video in the For You Feed, allowing users to save songs. This feature also allows first-time users to choose their preferred music service.

TikTok has had a huge influence on songs by making them viral when creators use them for trendy content. Songs such as Water by Tyla, abcdefu by Gayle, Buss It by Erica Banks, Heat Waves by Glass Animals and much more have gained enormous success with TikTok. Spotify has opened this latest feature to its free and paid users. Unlike Apple and Amazon Music whose premium users will be the only ones to have access to this feature.