Terry G speaks on cultism in the music industry


Renowned Nigerian singer, Terry G has on Monday, June 17, 2024, made shocking revelations about the music industry.

Terry G spoke, detailing a controversial incident that derailed his career and exposing the pervasive influence of cultism among artists.

So, in an interview on the Afrobeats Podcast with Adesope, Terry G recounted a 2016 altercation with DJ Phreez, which led to his blacklisting by the DJs Association of Nigeria (DJAN).

Also, the incident, he acknowledged, significantly hindered his career progression and served as a setback.

Furthermore, Terry G also sounded the alarm on cultism's insidious presence in the music industry. Also, he stated that it has become a major obstacle for artists like him who refuse to join these groups.

Additionally, he lamented that cultism has "hijacked our profession" and emphasized the need for its elimination to foster harmony and unity among artists.

However, the singer's candid revelations have sparked important conversations about the music industry's internal dynamics and the need for a more inclusive and supportive environment.

Subsequently, Terry G's words serve as a wake-up call, urging the industry to confront the cultism issue and create a more welcoming space for all artists to thrive.

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