Terry Apala reveals why he rejected offers from Mavin Records and Burna Boy


Apala hip-hop musician Terry Alexandar Ejeh, popularly known as Terry Apala, has recently disclosed the reasons behind his decision to turn down opportunities to join Don Jazzy's Mavin Records and Burna Boy's Spaceship Entertainment.

In an exclusive interview with The Nation, Terry Apala shared that his mother played a pivotal role in shaping his career choices. Advising him to be the face of any record label he signs with; she influenced his decision-making process significantly.

Despite tempting offers from industry giants, Don Jazzy and Burna Boy, Terry opted for Nelson Jack, a record label where he could occupy the central position as the main artiste.

"I was the problem," Terry expressed. "My mum said something to me; she said, 'Your kind of music is different from what your colleagues are doing. If you are gonna be in any record label, you are to be the face.'"

Recounting his encounters with Don Jazzy and Burna Boy in 2015, Terry shared, "I met Don Jazzy in 2015, like a week after we met, he sent me the contract, but I could not sign it because I already knew where I was coming from."

He continued, "That same year, I got a call from Burna Boy's mum, like Burna Boy is there already. I cannot be the second face; I have to be the face. So, in 2015, I got signed to Nelson Jack because I was the face."

Terry Apala went on to reveal the challenges he faced during his time with Nelson Jack, highlighting issues with the record label that restricted him from releasing songs, conducting interviews, or performing for a significant period.

Reflecting on the hardships he endured, Terry stated, "Two years ago, I wasn't doing anything. I had an issue with the record label, and the court told me that I was not allowed to drop songs for a year or two. I was not allowed to have any interviews or shows."

He added, "At one point, I was begging for food to eat. But this whole thing taught me more about life. Sometimes, life is always wicked, you have to know what you want. Thank God for the Apala fusion because if I was doing like other sounds, Terry Apala would have gone."

Terry Apala's resilience and commitment to his unique style of music have undoubtedly shaped his journey in the music industry, emphasizing the importance of artistic identity and individuality.