Teni speaks about the excitement of a polygamous home


Nigerian singer, Teniola Apata, known as Teni, recently opened up about her positive experiences growing up in a polygamous family, shedding light on the unique dynamics that shaped her upbringing.

During the 19th episode of the 'Zero Conditions' Podcast, Teni fondly recounted her memories of being raised in a polygamous household, revealing that her late father had three wives and 10 children.

Contrary to societal stereotypes, she expressed her love for the polygamous family structure and even claimed a preference for it over a monogamous one.

In her own words, Teni shared, “I grew up in a polygamous family with many people, where you can’t do rubbish. I received a lot of love and protection. Three wives, 10 children. Huge respect to my bloodline! I get along with all of my siblings, though there are levels of closeness."

She further emphasizes the uniqueness and vibrancy of her upbringing, stating, “Any other way is boring. If I come back to this life again, I want to come to the same family. How can I be in a monogamous house where all of us will be sitting down; no chaos?"

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Teni highlighted the love and protection she experienced in her family, attributing it to her father's unconventional approach to life. She shared intriguing details about her father teaching his wives essential skills, including how to shoot. This preparation, she revealed, ensured the family's ability to remain intact even after her father's passing.

The singer's candid revelations provide a glimpse into her perspective on family dynamics, challenging stereotypes and showcasing the strength and unity fostered in her polygamous upbringing.