Tems Opens Up About Health Issues

Tems has opened up on the health issues that are holding her back from performing at her forthcoming shows in England. Read our story for more details.

Tems health issue
Artist, Tems

Leading vibe and fast-rising global sensation, Tems has recently shared with fans the reason behind the cancellation of her shows in England and it’s not great news. The singer shared in a statement addressed to her fans, the Rebel Gang on the 14th of June, that she has been diagnosed with Reflux Laryngitis and is currently taking some time off to see to what’s left of her voice.

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Tems further mentioned that as a result of the issue, she had been advised by her doctor to cancel her forthcoming shows in Birmingham and London set to happen on the 15th of June and 17th of July respectively.

The singer who has been touring in the UK and US since the latter part of last year mentioned that tickets for the show remain valid and promised to get back in even better health.

Tems’ condition, reflux laryngitis is an irritation in the back of the throat due to acid or other chemicals that come up from your stomach and appears to be common among singers.

Read Tems’ statement about her health issue below

Tems' Letter to fans
Tems’ Letter to Fans

For those who don’t know, Reflux laryngitis is an irritation in the back of the throat due to acid or other chemicals that come up from your stomach. This usually happens at night when you’re asleep (Mount Sinai). We wish Tems a quick recovery.

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