Tems Drops Official Statement After Uganda Arrest, Appreciates Her Rebel Gang


Nigerian fast-rising singer, Tems, has dropped her official statement after her arrest and release from the Ugandan prison.

Tems - These Days


This statement is coming on the 18th of December after her arrival to Nigeria on the 17th of December from Uganda where she and her colleague, Omah Lay, were arrested for allegedly going against the COVID-19 laws of the country.

According to the statement, Tems revealed she had no idea her performance will jeopardize a lot of people's health or place people at risk of contracting the viral 2020 epidemic and for that she pens her apology to both the fans and the government of Uganda.

She said;

I am truly saddened that attendees could've possibly been exposed to COVID-19.  I would've never participated had I even the slightest knowledge that the event would not meet standard operating procedures and put Uganda citizens at risk. The seriousness of COVID-19 requires responsibility from everyone as a world citizen, responsibility I take very seriously.

She went on to thank both the Nigerian and Ugandan government for doing their part to ensure they come out of this but also revealed that despite the disconcerting experience,  she feels blessed to have experienced the bravery of women she encountered as she has come face to face with the suffering of women and children especially with the strength of women and that has increased her respect for the gender. According to Tems, this experience has given her a "newfound compassion and desire to be more involved in making life easier for people such as these, no matter the circumstances."

She also gave special shout love and appreciation to her Rebel Gang who went all out for her in their love and support.

Read the full statement.