Tekno Boldly Declares That An Artiste Can't Be Successful Without Copying

Nigerian singer and Jogodo crooner Tekno has made his belief public on how he thinks an artiste can achieve success and to Tekno, that can only be done through copying.

This statement was shared by Tekno on Instagram who was seen in a video seated in the midst of friends and industry colleague among which were Kcee, Jay Martins and Peter of the former music duo, Psquare.

In Tekno's words;

any artise wey say him no dey copy no fit dey successful.

Kcee who was also with Tekno agreed to this belief which was seconded by Peter who although didn't openly admit to it, said it's an over-flogged issue that people have been profiting from which sounds like him agreeing but not like Kcee whose words to the question was "Before nko..."

Tekno had once been called out by Nigerian ghetto singers, Danfo Driver, who accused Tekno of stealing their song 'Jogodo'. This issue was amicably settled after a closed-door meeting with all parties involved but with this new statement from Tekno, it sounds like the Nigerian music industry is one that embraces copyright infringement, or better still, it portrays the consumers of Nigerian music as a group that does not embrace originality.

These deductive meanings were not explicitly stated, but the confidence in which the statement was made, with no slight consideration for a probable stance will lead anyone to deduct same.

This statement by Tekno is also enough reason for us to further check other songs by the Pana singer and the artistes in agreement with his stance to know which song from them exactly is original. But do you think an artiste has to copy to be successful?

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1 year ago

Proud copiers..

That's why you can copy and make money before thinking of getting permission to use samples. . .

The same set of people will come out and start crying about Piracy of their work. . Hypocrites