Tekno Arrested For Dancing With Half-Naked Women In Public


Tekno battling with his health

Nigerian singer, Tekno has been arrested by the Nigerian police for dancing with half-naked women in public.

According to reports, 26-year-old Tekno is at the Criminal Investigation Department of the Nigerian police to answer questions regarding his recent controversial act on Saturday, 3rd of August where he was seen dancing in public with strippers, an act that caused serious outrage from the public.

Reporting to Linda Ikeji, the spokesman of the Police Command, Bala Elkana said; ''Tekno has been invited by the State CID in respect of those strip dancers in the truck in a public place dancing naked. So he is invited for questioning. He is in our office at the moment".

While Tekno already apologized for the incident, the spokesman, Bala said he doesn't know if the case will be charged to court but it is currently under investigation.

According to the police, "such acts of public indecency" were against the criminal code, which the spokesman added that those arrested could be charged to court after investigations.