Spyro and Portable's unexpected collaboration spark fan reaction


In a surprising turn of events, Portable disclosed that Spyro has expressed interest in collaborating with him on a song.

He revealed that Spyro went as far as sending an email to initiate the process. This revelation has ignited a flurry of reactions from fans within the music community. This is particularly because of Spyro's past comments where he had criticized Portable, stating, "‘He won’t deliver".

One fan, @tundemoore_xx, took to social media to express doubts about the authenticity of the email exchange. The fan suggests that Portable may not have received the email but is trying to fuel potential drama. Their tweet stated, "Funniest thing, he might not send Portable any mail but want him to reply so wahala go sup." Another fan highlighted Portable's perceived inability to keep secrets, hinting at potential challenges in maintaining confidentiality within the collaboration.

In the video, Portable announced that he would be jumping on the song and laughed off Spyro's previous comments. As fans eagerly await further developments, the music industry is abuzz with speculation and controversy surrounding the potential synergy between Portable and Spyro. With a mix of excitement, doubt, and past criticisms shaping the conversation, this collaboration has become a focal point of interest within the music community.