Skales responds to fan urging him to start feud with Burna Boy



Nigerian singer, Skales has addressed a fan's suggestion on social media, advising him to engage in a feud with his colleague, Burna Boy for the sake of staying relevant.

On the X platform on Monday, April 22, 2024, Skales emphasized his focus on spreading kindness this year but asserted that he will not tolerate being taken advantage of. He wrote, “This year I’m really pushing “kindness” but I will not be fucked with.”

In response to a fan's comment urging him to prioritize staying in the news over kindness, Skales expressed his disagreement. The fan suggested that Skales fabricate a story about Burna Boy begging him to perform a remix, prompting attention from fan bases for engagement.

The fan wrote, “No push kindness jare idan. Kindness don’t keep you in the news. Come out now talk say burna boy dey beg you before he perform that remix make outsiders sharply rush you make 30 bg come retweet make fc come like and read comments.”

Dismissing the advice, Skales reaffirmed his relationship with Burna Boy, referring to him as his brother. He also emphasized his disinterest in engaging in fanbase battles, indicating his commitment to maintaining genuine connections within the industry.

Skales responded, "Stop this nonsense… Burna is my brother and has the right to do whatever he wants.. as him Dey perform the song.. the song dey find new audience..I salute him … I’m not a fan of your fanbase battles … everyone is doing great pls rest."

Skales' response highlights his stance on prioritizing authenticity and positivity in his interactions, despite external pressures to engage in controversy for publicity.