Skales and Spyro team up for uplifting 'I Still Dey' remix


Nigerian singer Skales is showering his fans and his daughter with a special gift. To commemorate his daughter's first birthday, Skales has unveiled the remix of his uplifting track, I Still Dey, featuring the talented singer, Spyro.

Originally released in 2023 as part of Skales' Proof of Life EP, I Still Dey resonated with listeners for its message of perseverance and resilience. The song, which occupied the coveted third spot on the EP, now gets a fresh lease on life with this dynamic remix.

Skales isn't alone in breathing new energy into the track. Joining him on this exciting tune is the gifted Spyro, known for his unique style. The synergy between the two artists elevates the original track to a new dimension.

Adding another layer to the celebratory mood is the production credit. The highly gifted Jaysnths Beats takes the helm, ensuring a soundscape that perfectly complements the vibes of both Skales and Spyro.

With this vibrant remix, Skales not only delivers a treat for his fans, but also dedicates a heartfelt message to his daughter on her very special first birthday. Get in the mood and be uplifted by Skales, Spyro, and Jaysnths Beats in the dynamic remix of I Still Dey.

Listen to I Still Dey remix here.

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