Seun Kuti talks about cyberbullying, disrespect towards African Women


Renowned singer, Seun Kuti has made waves once again, this time addressing cyberbullying and highlighting the issue of disrespect towards African women within the music industry.

In a candid online video posted on Wednesday, April 3, 2024, the Grammy-nominated artist recalled a past incident where he renamed colleague, Wizkid's fans from Wizkid FC to "Buhari's children" amid cyberbullying concerns. Seun Kuti emphasized the seriousness of cyberbullying and cyberstalking, condemning such behavior that involves life threats and the posting of individuals' personal information online.

Reflecting on his own experiences, Seun Kuti recounted facing backlash after declaring that only a handful of Nigerian artists, including himself at the time, had received Grammy nominations. When questioned about Wizkid's nomination, he clarified that only one of Wizkid's videos had been nominated, not his entire album. This sparked a heated online exchange with fans, leading Seun Kuti to alter the name of Wizkid's fanbase to protect his own name.

Despite the online drama, Seun Kuti stated that he never felt the need to involve the police, highlighting the resilience required to navigate such situations in the digital age.

In addition to addressing cyberbullying, Seun Kuti turned his attention to the issue of disrespect towards African women within the music industry. He expressed his concern that African musicians often perpetuate negative stereotypes about African women in their lyrics, contributing to a culture of disrespect. Seun Kuti highlighted the need for greater awareness and sensitivity towards the portrayal of African women in music, calling for a shift towards more positive and empowering representations.

As Seun Kuti continues to use his platform to advocate for social change and awareness, his outspoken stance on cyberbullying and the portrayal of African women underscores the importance of addressing these issues within the music industry and beyond.