Seun Kuti declares Shallipopi as Nigeria's most dangerous rapper


Renowned singer, Seun Kuti has sent out a cautionary message to friends of his junior colleague Shallipopi, urging them to be vigilant and shield their girlfriends from the rapper.

In a video circulating on social media on Monday, April 1, 2024, Seun Kuti emphatically stated that Shallipopi holds the title of the most dangerous rapper in Nigeria.

During the video, Seun Kuti recited a line from Shallipopi's famous hit song, Cast, revealing that although he was not initially a fan of the rapper, he became enamoured with him instantly due to his wicked nature as depicted in the lyrics.

The singer urged friends of Shallipopi to take heed of his warning and ensure that their girlfriends are kept at a safe distance from him, referencing a statement made by Shallipopi in the song that prompted his cautionary advice.