Seun Kuti reveals he’s a traditional worshipper in recent interview


Nigerian singer, Seun Kuti has disclosed his unconventional spiritual beliefs, sharing that he does not attend church and instead actively practices voodoo, commonly referred to as 'juju.'

Speaking in an interview on the latest episode of 'Spill With Phyna,' on Wednesday, January 17, 2024, the son of late Afrobeat icon, Fela Kuti discussed his family's historical ties to Christianity in Nigeria, particularly with the Anglican denomination.

Interestingly, Kuti shared that his family had a crucial role in starting the Anglican side of Christianity in Nigeria. Even though they had this strong connection, he highlighted that over time, his family has shifted away from following the Christian faith.

In the interview, 41-year-old Kuti shared that he wishes Africans would think about their spiritual beliefs in a new way. When asked about his own religious practices, he openly said that he follows 'juju,' giving us a glimpse into his different and not-so-common way of approaching spirituality.

This revelation brings an interesting angle to how people see the Grammy-nominated musician, who is famous not just for his music but also for speaking out on different societal matters.