Seun Kuti calls out the Super Eagles for their pre-match meals


Nigerian Afrobeat star Seun Kuti has stirred a debate by criticizing the dietary choices of the Super Eagles, the national football team.

In a recent statement, Kuti, known for his advocacy of African culture and traditions, revealed that due to his close association with the team, he had discovered that some players consume heavy foods like eba before matches, a practice he does not approve of.

While the Super Eagles have not officially responded to Kuti's remarks, his insights have brought attention to the intersection of food, culture, and sports in Nigeria.

This comes especially at a moment when the super eagles are preparing for their AFCON matches, they had come to a draw in a match with Equatorial Guinea.

As the team continues to prepare for upcoming matches, Kuti's critique has prompted a closer examination of the dietary habits of the players and their potential influence on on-field performance.