Seun Kuti challenges monogamy, talks about Fela's polygamous lifestyle


Nigerian singer, Seun Kuti has sparked a debate on social media after expressing his views on monogamy, citing the polygamous lifestyle of his father, the legendary Fela Kuti.

Seun Kuti, who is married to Yetunde Kuti, believes that monogamy is an unrealistic expectation in marriage.

In an episode of the Bahd and Boujie podcast hosted by media personality, Moet Abebe and reality star, Tolani Baj on Friday, May 24, 2024, Seun Kuti discussed his perspective on relationships. He pointed out that his father, Fela Kuti, famously married 27 wives but had over 100 girlfriends who also lived in his home.

Seun Kuti argued that a man needs several goddesses in his life, which he believes ancestors have provided to share his journey with. His statement has generated mixed reactions online, with some expressing agreement due to his family background, while others have criticized his views.