Roddy Ricch contemplates permanent residence in Lagos after debut visit


Acclaimed American rapper Rodrick Wayne Moore Jr. professionally known as Roddy Ricch has set the internet abuzz with revelations about his profound connection to Nigeria, particularly the bustling city of Lagos.

The Grammy-winning artist, slated to headline the prestigious Flytime Fest organized by Coca-Cola, took to social media on Thursday, December 21, to express his enchantment with Lagos, sending shockwaves across the global music community.

During his visit, the "Late At Night" hit singer, known for his chart-topping hits, shared an extraordinary moment on the vibrant streets of Lagos, accompanied by none other than Afrobeats icon, Burna Boy. The collaboration between these musical titans not only thrilled fans but also underscored the magnetic appeal of Lagos as a thriving hub for international artists.

However, what truly stole the spotlight was Roddy Ricch's revelation about his deep admiration for Lagos, coupled with a tantalizing hint at the prospect of acquiring a home in the commercial capital. In a post on his X account, the rapper declared, "I might buy a house in Lagos; it's unconditional love." This statement not only reflects the artist's positive experience in the city but also positions Lagos as a potential long-term residence for a globally recognized music sensation.

As Roddy Ricch's plans to invest in a home in Lagos become a focal point of his visit, the news marks a significant chapter in the evolving narrative of international artists recognizing and embracing the cultural richness and creative energy that Lagos and the broader Nigerian music scene have to offer.

The potential acquisition of a residence by the Grammy-winning artist further solidifies Lagos' status as a global hotspot for artistic inspiration and collaboration.