RM Of BTS Pulls Shocking Numbers On Spotify Nigeria Charts With Album 'Indigo'


Following the successful release of his debut album 'Indigo' the leader of the iconic boy group BTS, RM, has achieved shocking feats on the Spotify Nigeria Charts.

RM BTS 'Indigo'

Measuring just how popular BTS is in Nigeria has been replicated and made obvious by the super fans of the iconic boy group, ARMYs. Leader of the group BTS, RM, released his debut album titled 'indigo' which, in his words, is a full summary of how his 20s and something for the ARMYs to relate to. The fandom indeed listened from different parts of the world, and the album ended the first tracking week on Spotify with over 80 million streams.

Different Spotify Nigeria weekly charts just showed how much and how well ARMYs had listened to and enjoyed the album. The album alone gathered over 40,000 streams on the first day of its release in Nigeria alone, making it the highest first-day debut for an Asian or Korean act on the chart in Nigeria. RM beat the record previously held by his group as well as other members J Hope and Jin.

The title song Wild Flower gathered a total of 32,028 streams in its first week on the Spotify Top Songs Nigeria (Weekly) chart. BTS album Proof was also on the Top Albums Chart for the 26th consecutive week, indicating that the album has not left the chart since its release on the 10th of June 2022. RM also made the highest entry for the week (1st-8th December 2022) with his debut on the Top Artists Nigeria (Weekly) chart at number 60. BTS, as a group, also held a position on the chart for the 43rd week after making their first entry on the 17th of February, 2022.

BTS's appearance on the charts corrects the notion of how many people actually listen to them, as they have consistently been the main feature against all odds on all digital streaming platforms in Nigeria.

Congratulations, RM and BTS!

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