RM Of BTS Hits Number One On The Nigerian Charts With Album 'Indigo'


Leader and rapper of legendary boy group BTS, RM, has debuted at the number one position on the Nigerian charts with his album 'Indigo.'

RM 'Indigo'

The dominance of the legendary and multiple award-winning boy group BTS worldwide is something that has always been undermined. This was, however, solidified by the leader of the group BTS, RM peaked at number one on the Apple Music and Itunes charts in Nigeria with his debut album 'Indigo.'

Rapper RM saw his album 'Indigo' peak at number one on the Apple Music Top Albums Pop Chart and the iTunes Album Chart. The album also holds the number 31 position on the Apple Music Top Albums Chart, and the title track 'Wild Flower' holds the number 2 position on the iTunes top songs chart.

The album, which features some of the biggest names in the music industry, such as Erykah Badu, and Anderson Paak, to mention a few, is currently charting on the Apple Music top albums chart in over 100 countries, peaking at number one in some of them. This is, however, not the first project from BTS to peak at number one in Nigeria on digital streaming platforms, as the official world cup theme song 'Dreamers' by Jungkook of BTS has also topped the iTunes chart and peaked at number 41 on the Spotify Top 50 songs chart and currently holds the 146 position on the Spotify top songs weekly charts with over 26,000 streams in Nigeria alone.

BTS currently holds a spot on the Spotify top artist chart at number 72 for Nigeria and also has the 2022 album; Proof on the top albums chart for Spotify at number 66.

Listen to the album here:

RM 'Indigo'

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