Rick Ross attacked following Vancouver concert


American rapper, Rick Ross has suffered an attack in Vancouver, Canada, just after his show on June 30, 2024 at the Ignite Music Festival.

Following his performance around 10:30 PM, the rapper stepped offstage into a crowded area and got into a heated argument with several men. These men were reportedly triggered by his choice to close his set with Kendrick Lamar's Not Like Us.

A group of about 15 men in Vancouver approached and attached Rick Ross. They formed a human barrier to prevent him and his crew from moving. Also,video footage shared online shows the tense verbal exchange escalating into violence. Meanwhile, one man is seen throwing a punch at Ross. This caused liquid from his drink to fly into the air, though it is unclear if Ross was hit in the face.

Also, chaos ensued as both groups engaged in a brawl, with several men brutally kicking and beating one individual. The fight eventually dispersed, with all parties going their separate ways.

However, details about the incident remain unclear, including what sparked the attack and whether any injuries or arrests occurred. Notably, Drake, known as "champagnepapi," liked a social media post about the assault on Ross. By this, he added his own subtle commentary on the situation.

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