Rema Spotted with Justine Skye and Ayra Starr for New Year


Nigerian music sensation Rema was spotted celebrating the New Year with American singer Justine Skye and Nigerian singer Ayra Starr. The trio was seen together at various events, including a church service and a club setting.

Rema, Justine Skye, and Ayra Starr were all in Lagos, Nigeria, to ring in the New Year. They were spotted attending a church service together on New Year's Eve. The celebrations continued on New Year's Day, with the trio attending a club setting, which featured a vibrant atmosphere.

Rema's New Year's celebrations with Justine Skye and Ayra Starr were a highlight of the holiday season, bringing together talented artists from different parts of the world. The trio's appearances at various events in Lagos created a buzz among fans and music enthusiasts, and their presence added to the excitement of the New Year's celebrations.

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