Rema Scores Most Streamed Nigerian Album in History on Spotify & Youtube


Rema Scores Most Streamed Nigerian Album in History on Spotify & Youtube

The release of "Rave & Roses" Ultra (Deluxe Edition) propels Rema to unprecedented streaming heights, scoring the most streamed Nigerian album ever on Spotify and Youtube and the only Nigerian project with over a billion streams on both platforms. Thanks to the album's biggest hits; "Soundgasm," "Calm Down" and its remix with pop culture icon, Selena Gomez.

In a groundbreaking achievement that has sent shockwaves throughout the music industry, Rema's highly anticipated album "Rave & Roses Ultra" has made history by becoming the most streamed Nigerian album ever on both Spotify and YouTube, amassing over 1.2 billion and 1.4 billion streams respectively. The record-breaking feat follows the release of the album's deluxe edition (ultra), which sent the fans to total exhilaration yesterday.

Since its initial release, "Rave & Roses" has garnered global attention for its infectious melodies, impressive lyrics, and Rema's unique blend of Afrobeats, pop, and contemporary R&B. The album's outstanding production quality and Rema's undeniable talent have resonated deeply with fans, propelling it to unprecedented levels of success globally.

With the release of the deluxe (ultra) edition, Rema has further elevated "Rave & Roses" by offering a collection of captivating new tracks and enhanced musical experiences. This expansion of the album's original vision showcases Rema's artistic growth and commitment to pushing creative boundaries. The revitalized version of the album did not only feature the previously released transformative remix of "Calm Down" with Selena Gomez, Holiday, and Reason You, but it also introduced the new tracks, namely "Charm," "Hov," and "Dunno Me."

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Breaking and setting these records on Spotify and YouTube, "Rave & Roses" has transcended borders and captivated a global audience, solidifying Rema's status as a Nigerian artist with immense international appeal. The album's extraordinary popularity and staggering streaming numbers serve as a testament to Rema's remarkable talent and dedication.

Rema's groundbreaking achievement marks a significant milestone for the Nigerian music industry, spotlighting the immense talent and creativity emanating from the country. As the album continues to amass accolades and recognition, Rema's influence on the music landscape is undeniable.

As the music world eagerly awaits Rema's future endeavours; his upcoming World Tour with its first-of-its-kind stops at various cities in India, and Jerusalem, the record-breaking success of "Rave & Roses" cements his legacy as a trailblazing artist, one of the most prominent artists out of the African continent at the moment. With an unwavering commitment to his craft and an ever-expanding fanbase, Rema is poised to make even greater waves in the industry.