Reactions From Disappointed Fans In Canada As Burna Reschedules Show


Fans of Burna Boy in Toronto, Canada were disappointed last night, 9th of August when the star did not show up after they waited for long.

The fans made this news public when they could no longer wait for Burna Boy who gave no prior notice of cancelation before then.

On the other hand, Burnaboy later tweeted he was stuck at the airport in Detroit trying to get cleared and that was proving more difficult than expected.

Fans who had left their job and various engagements were not happy about the ordeal and they made that known on social.

According to @cocoolatseh, she implied that Burna Boy has a record hence the issue at the airport because according to her, you can't enter Canada with a record.

Burna Boy has, however, reschedule the date for the show to next week Thursday but many expressed their disappointment stating they won't attend a rescheduled show.