Portable talks about the Gammy Awards, advocates for Afrobeats


Nigerian singer, Portable, has weighed in on the outcome of the recent Grammy Awards, offering his perspective on Nigeria's loss to South African singer, Tyla.

Following Nigeria's defeat at the Grammy Awards, Portable expressed his views on the matter on his Instagram page on Monday, February 6, 2024, urging Nigerians to appreciate and promote their indigenous music genre, Afrobeat.

The controversial singer emphasized the importance of valuing Afrobeat, stating that it is crucial for Nigerians to support and promote the genre if they aspire to continue winning international accolades.

In his remarks, Portable highlighted the significance of preserving Afrobeat amidst the rising popularity of other music genres such as Amapiano. He explained that while Amapiano may have gained traction, it is essential for Nigerians to prioritize their own music culture.

Additionally, Portable pointed out the origins of popular dance moves like "shaku shaku" and emphasized that the Amapiano sound belongs to South Africa. He cautioned against solely pursuing Amapiano in the quest for Grammy recognition, suggesting that it may not necessarily lead to success for Nigerian artists.

Portable's insights shed light on the importance of celebrating and promoting Afrobeat as a cornerstone of Nigeria's musical heritage, advocating for a renewed focus on the genre to maintain Nigeria's presence on the global music stage.