Nigerians react as Davido loses all 3 categories at the Grammy awards


Nigerian music enthusiasts and fans were left in shock and disappointment as Afrobeat maestro Davido faced a clean sweep of losses in all three categories he was nominated for at the 66th Grammy Awards.

The King of Afrobeat's unsuccessful bid for the coveted "Best Global Music Performance," "Album of the Year," and the newly introduced "Best African Music Performance" awards has sparked intense reactions from the Nigerian community.

Anticipation ran high, particularly in the "Best African Music Performance" category, which was added to reflect the global impact of Afrobeat. However, it was Tyla who clinched the Grammy with her hit single Water, leading to a mixture of positive and negative responses on social media.

Nigerian fans, known for their passionate support of their favorite artists, expressed their disappointment and surprise at Davido's losses. Many had expected a win for the Afrobeat icon or, at the very least, for one of the talented Nigerian nominees in the fiercely contested category.

The outcome has ignited discussions and debates among Nigerians, with some questioning the purpose of the newly added category and its impact on the representation of Afrobeat on the global stage. Speculation abounds regarding whether the category served as a strategic move for publicity, audience engagement, or ticket sales within the African region.

Despite the setbacks, Davido's Nigerian fanbase remains steadfast, rallying behind the artist and expressing unwavering support on social media.

The reactions from Nigerians to Davido's Grammy losses have become a focal point, showcasing the significance of Afrobeat in the global music landscape and prompting a broader conversation about representation and recognition in prestigious awards ceremonies.