Portable - “I was duped of 18 million, i’m in debt”


Soon after he spoke on his escaped deportation, Popular Nigerian musician Portable is making headlines with a shocking dupe claim. 

In a recent outburst, Portable alleges the was the amount was of a staggering ₦18 million (around $43,000 USD) in a business deal.

Portable reportedly stated, "They duped me because I looked like an illiterate.". He further claims to have only received ₦3.6 million (around $8,600 USD). But is now responsible for the full ₦18 million.

The musician also alleges facing repeated visa rejections. He was stating, "I was rejected at the embassy six times."

The specifics of the alleged fraudulent deal and the embassy rejections remain unclear. Portable has not provided further details or named any parties involved.