Peruzzi threatens to sue influencer over fake tweet involving him, Davido and Chioma


Nigerian artist, Peruzzi has taken a bold stance against the spread of misinformation online, as he vows to pursue legal action against an influencer who circulated a fictitious tweet implicating him in a scandal involving Davido and his wife, Chioma Adeleke.

The controversy unfolded when X user @belikebaddy shared a manipulated tweet, purportedly from Peruzzi's account, suggesting his involvement in a supposed affair with Chioma. The tweet insinuated that Davido had severed ties with Peruzzi due to the alleged relationship.

Swiftly addressing the false narrative, Peruzzi vehemently denied any association with the fabricated tweet, labeling it as entirely fictitious and baseless. Expressing his disdain for the dissemination of false information, Peruzzi warned @belikebaddy about the potential legal consequences of his actions.

Following Peruzzi's admonition, @belikebaddy publicly apologized for spreading the fake tweet, taking full responsibility for his actions. He expressed remorse for the harm caused and assured that such actions would not be repeated, extending apologies to the management of DMW, Davido's record label.

“I apologize for posting an edited tweet which involved @peruzzi and @davido. I take full responsibility for all my actions have caused, and I promise it’ll never happen again. My apologies to DMW Management,” he wrote.

Despite the apology, Peruzzi remains unwavering in his decision to pursue legal recourse against @belikebaddy. Emphasizing the severity of the matter, Peruzzi urged his followers to rally behind the cause, both in raising awareness and contributing to the financial support required for the legal battle ahead.

In a firm declaration on social media, Peruzzi reiterated his commitment to seeking justice, making it clear that forgiveness was not an option in this instance. He wrote, “Y’all retweet this, so he can have money for court. God forgives, I do too. But not this time. F**k that.”

With his determination to hold those responsible accountable, Peruzzi's pursuit of legal action shows the importance of combatting misinformation in the digital age, safeguarding reputations and integrity within the industry.