Peruzzi addresses rumors of receiving used clothes from Davido


Renowned Nigerian singer-songwriter, Peruzzi, has opened up about persistent rumours surrounding his songwriting collaboration with former boss, Davido, addressing speculation that he was compensated with pre-owned clothing.

The revelations came during a recent discussion with Isbae U on the Curiosity Made Me Ask podcast on Sunday, April 28, 2024, shedding light on long-standing rumours that have intrigued fans for years.

Isbae U broached the topic, questioning Peruzzi about rumours suggesting that Davido rewarded his songwriting contributions with previously worn garments. The speculation, though seemingly improbable, has persisted over time, drawing considerable attention within the music industry and among fans alike.

"Is it true that when you write Davido’s songs, is it true that he pays you with ‘take this up and down, na once I don wear am’?" Isbae U queried.

In response, Peruzzi chuckled and confirmed that such an arrangement had indeed occurred in the past, albeit no longer being the case. "I’m not going to lie to you, I bin dey run am like that before," he admitted.

Further delving into Peruzzi's online presence, Isbae U also questioned why the artist tends to generate more buzz on X through his sarcastic remarks rather than his musical releases. Peruzzi explained that while people enjoy his sarcastic comments, his songwriting contributions to Davido's discography remain a significant aspect of his career.

Peruzzi's role as the creative force behind many of Davido’s hit songs shows his influence within the music industry, with his songwriting talents contributing to the success of numerous chart-topping tracks. Despite the rumours and speculation surrounding his collaboration with Davido, Peruzzi continues to captivate audiences with both his musical prowess and his engaging online persona.