Watch as Omah Lay performs an unreleased song for fans


Omah Lay seems to be poised to release new music for fans before the year 2023 comes to an end as the singer performed an unreleased song for fans at his recent concert.

A new song from the singer would further solidify a successful 2023 for the singer whose deluxe album Boy Alone took the entire industry by storm.

Omah Lay in recent interviews hinted that his future projects would be different from what the singer has released in the past. In his words we would be hearing "happy Omah Lay" on future projects.

The singer who has been very vocal about his struggle with fame as well as his battle with depression is one of the artists fans are always happy to tune in to their projects, it is no surprise that fans were both delighted and shocked with his performance of the new song at the event.

Watch the performance below:

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