Omah Lay links up with Kurt Zouma, talks about Nigeria winning AFCON 2023


Nigerian music star, Omah Lay, has shared his optimism and excitement for Nigeria's potential victory in the 2023 African Cup of Nations (AFCON) during a conversation with West Ham defender, Kurt Zouma.

The snippet of their discussion, posted on the club's social media page today, Saturday, February 10, 2024, captured Omah Lay's belief in the profound impact such a triumph would have.

The Holy Ghost crooner expressed his admiration for the fervent support and enthusiasm shown by Nigerians for the Super Eagles' AFCON campaign, describing it as "amazing." He highlighted the infectious energy and anticipation among the people, emphasizing the potential for widespread jubilation and celebration if Nigeria emerges victorious.

Omah Lay conveyed his hopefulness for Nigeria's success in the tournament, envisioning a scenario where the entire world would take notice of the nation's triumph.

Despite his busy schedule as a musician, he acknowledged the significance of a potential AFCON victory, predicting that it would resonate globally and evoke a monumental response.

In his words, “It [Nigeria’s run at the AFCON] is amazing. You can see how crazy the people are going and you can see how everybody is jumping around. It’s amazing to see.“I’m hopeful that this is going to be the year for us. The world is going to shake! The world will shake. Live on the road doesn’t give me time to be in the football vibes as much. But I know for sure that if we win this [AFCON] it’s going to be very huge.”

With Omah Lay's heartfelt sentiments echoing the sentiments of many Nigerians, anticipation for the outcome of AFCON 2023 continues to build, fueled by the prospect of a triumphant moment that could unite the nation in celebration.