Omah Lay responds to fans calling his music style 'Afro-depression'


Nigerian singer, Omah Lay, has responded to fans who refer to his music style as Afro-depression.

In a recent interview with The Beat FM in London, United Kingdom on Wednesday, January 17, 2024, the artist expressed that he is indifferent to the labels attached to his music as long as his fans are enjoying it. Omah Lay emphasized that he avoids getting caught up in titles and external opinions, preferring to focus on creating music that resonates with his artistic vision.

In his words, “I just make my music how I want to make my music. I try as much as possible to stay away from titles and everything the world is trying to put on you. He shared a perspective that aligns with the idea of clarity emerging once the dust settles saying, "Because as my guy would always say, ‘When the smokes clear, then you see clearly."

Omah Lay continued, "So when you identify with those things [titles and tags], it just… I just make my music, I don’t care what anybody wants to tag it, enjoy it as long as you enjoy the music."

Addressing the notion of his music being labeled as "Afro-depression," Omah Lay expressed openness to different interpretations. He stated, "If you feel like it’s Afro-depression, I am okay with that as long as you enjoy the music. Some other people would dance to it. It’s art. That’s what I make, and I just leave the world to enjoy how they want to enjoy it. The fans have their own opinions, I would never argue with that. If that’s how they enjoy it, that’s how they enjoy it."

Recall that NotjustOk previously reported that, Omah Lay's deluxe album "Boy Alone" has achieved a remarkable milestone, surpassing 530 million streams. This feat has propelled him to the ninth position among Nigerian artists who have collectively amassed over a billion streams on Spotify. Renowned for his Afrobeat style, Omah Lay's music resonates deeply as he draws inspiration from his personal experiences, offering listeners an authentic and relatable musical journey.