Oliver De Coque Honored By Google On His 74th Posthumous Birthday


Legendary Nigerian highlife musician, Oliver De Coque, has been honoured with Google Doodle on his 74th posthumous birthday. The illustration for the doodle was made by graphic artist, Ohab TBJ.

Oliver De coque google doodle

Google Doodle to commemorate the late Oliver De Coque

Ohab TBJ shared the image of his work via his Instagram handle on the 14th of April. The artist expressed his excitement regarding handling the Google doodle illustration via a social media post;

Oliver De Coque was a Nigerian guitarist and one of Africa's most prolific recording artists. He was born on the 14th of April 1947. Playing music since the age of 11, Coque was taught to play the guitar by Piccolo, a Congolese guitarist living in Nigeria. Serving an apprenticeship with juju stars Sunny Agaga and Jacob Oluwale, he was a star by his late teens. Oliver is also considered as the most flamboyant Igbo musician. Oliver de coque married four wives and he is a father of twelve children. He died on the 20th of June 2008.