"Olamide Is A Cancer..." Reactions Trail Olamide's New Collab With Lil Kesh

"Olamide Is A Cancer..." Reactions Trail Olamide's New Collab With Lil Kesh

Lil Kesh and Olamide

Nigerians on social media are not sparing any words on Olamide and Lil Kesh concerning their new song, Logo Benz released on the 19th of December which is an evident promotion of the ill the society is presently facing.

The song was released at a time where female panties are being used for money ritual and some of the lyrics of this song encourage such where the singer, Olamide stated that if praying to God doesn't provide cash, then it is right to resort to money ritual. The lyrics further highlight the present issues of the country, encourage the perpetration of such barbaric act when they said the new logo for Benz is now female panties as using it for rituals can provide enough wealth to get that.

Reacting to this song, Nigerians have called out the singers who they stated have consistently released songs that promote ills of the society, from drugs to violence through songs like Wo, Science Students and the likes and although some of these songs have received support from some of his fans who felt he was being misunderstood, this time, no lines were blur and almost everyone is against the song, whatever inspired it, the lyrics and especially the artistes for not putting enough thought into the effect his music might have on people.

A descriptive statement that stands out is a Twitter account that describes Olamide as cancer to the Nigerian music industry and ending it with his disappointment that the singer is canceled to him.

For now, Olamide has not made any comment to these reactions neither has Lil Kesh, but one would wonder what comment can explain the intention behind this song and the lyrics.

Read the reactions below;

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