Odumodublvck teases new song with Shallipopi


Odumodublvck, known as Big Kala, teased a new song with Plutomania CEO Shallipopi, which will drop in December.

In a recent Link Up TV interview on YouTube, Odumodublvck hinted at a song collaboration with Shallipopi that will amaze fans. During the interview, he said, "There's a song coming with Shallipopi. It's Heavy. Christmas is going to feel it. When you hear Shallipopi there's a feeling. That's what I want my thing to do create a feeling, a safe place for people."

Afrobeats has achieved worldwide prominence, with fans from across the globe singing the very same lyrics originally performed by African artists, often in the native African languages. This is a phenomenon that Odumodublvck hopes other artists will embrace, emphasizing the importance of authenticity, "Make them know who you are. Be comfortable. I want my guys to be authentic and confident".

Odumodublvck spoke about how the odds were stacked against him when he first started as a hip-hop rapper singing in pidgin and his native language, "I am the truth. Everything was stacked against me. Rapping in native lingo is real swag. Everything they said would not work I did it. I am not the artist with the best music from Abuja however heave is the head that wears the crown. I am representing a whole community".

Shallipopi recently released two new musical offerings, Things on Things and Oscroh (Pepperline). The two singles received mixed reviews because Shallipopi used his usual refined version of the popular nursery rhyme ‘Sandalili’. Additionally, the Pluto President also announced that he is setting up his record label and has signed two new artists: Zerry dl and Tega Boi.

Catch the full interview here.